Before hiring an SEO agency in Toronto, it’s important that you ask the right queries and at least understand what answers to anticipate when considering hiring one. It’s a tough business out there, and the competition in this field is as fierce as ever. However, there are a few things that are not always apparent, and that’s why you’re here. Before hiring an SEO firm, you must do your homework first and understand the industry. Questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency are very relevant if you want to hire one that will work for your business needs. These queries include:

Do they provide regular updates on their analytics system?

This is important because you need to see how effective the SEO firm has been in terms of tracking conversions, website visits, and other key metrics. You also want to see where your website stands compared to competitors, so the metrics will be able to show you these things. The last thing you want is to see your traffic levels drop, but you’ll only realize this by looking at the analytics report after the SEO audit.

Do they employ a strategy that focuses on building links?

Links are the bread and butter of any SEO campaign. Without building links, you’ll be limiting your traffic and potential customers. If you can’t monitor the metrics from the SEO firm, you’ll have no idea if there are opportunities for more traffic. If you don’t believe Google when it says that it doesn’t take much to rank well for a specific keyword, or you have no idea how to achieve organic rankings for particular keywords, then an SEO agency might not be the one for you.

Are there other experts on their team?

If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO in-house team, you should make sure you’re getting a complete package. A complete package will include an in-house copywriting team, local SEO teams for Google Places, local SEM teams, social media marketing teams, and more. 

Are they just going to do the same old thing?

Every SEO in-house team has its unique way of doing things, even if they’re all on the same page in terms of business goals. If you have a new goal or even a very specific problem that you need to be solved, you’ll want to ensure that your new team knows exactly what to do to get results. So ask them about how they plan to increase rankings and drive traffic. Will they use traditional black hat methods, or will they use white hat methods? You should know about these approaches before using them.